Medications help address symptoms.

Depending on their condition, some individuals benefit from a mixture of psychotherapy and medication. Our psychiatric health professionals ensure that the medicines they prescribe are suitable for the clients through assessment. Medication management allows the professional to check if the drug is working or if doses or the types of medication need to be changed. With this, they can also follow up on clients’ ability to adhere to their medications and offer advice whenever clients have questions.

Once your comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is complete, you and the provider will discuss conventional and holistic approaches to treat your issue. All conditions may not require a prescription and can be supported with over-the-counter therapies. Ask the provider for more details.

Our psychiatric health services are available for young girls and women through telepsychiatry. With this, they can receive mental health support wherever they are through their devices. If you have more questions, please send us a message or give us a call.