Your mental health partner
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Our Company

Psychiatric health is as essential as physical wellness. However, seeking professional services to address mental health issues is unfortunately still subjected to stigma, even today. WiseMinds Center For Integrative Telepsychiatry was established with these considerations in mind. We are here to break down any barriers that prevent your access to competent and accessible care. We highlight to our clients the importance of partnership and their commitment to treatment for it to be effective. Thus, we work with them every step of the way, from evaluation to treatment planning, enabling them to feel in control of their recovery.


Our Mission

To help you overcome barriers to care by making mental health care accessible, affordable, and patient-centered.

Our Vision

We envision delivering effective and accessible mental health care that is patient-centered, readily accessible, and focused on enhancing the overall health and wellness of those we serve.

Our psychiatric health services are available through telepsychiatry. With this, clients can receive mental health support wherever they are through their devices. If you have more questions, please send us a message or give us a call.